Monday, July 23, 2007

Deciphering password from WS_FTP.ini file

WS_FTP is a line of file transfer protocol client software produced by Ipswitch, Inc. for the Windows operating systems. WS_FTP stands for WinSock File Transfer Protocol. The graphical user interface of WS_FTP has two-panes: the left pane is the local computer that the software is installed on and the right pane is the server being connected to. Recent versions of WS_FTP include the ability to customize the panes and to connect to multiple servers at the same time.
The line includes a "Home" version (which lacks security features such as SSH and https support), a more powerful "Professional" version (also known as WS_FTP Pro), and an FTP server. WS_FTP Home used to be called WS_FTP LE, which was a Limited Edition version whose license permitted used by educational, government and non-profit home usrs (version 5.x and earlier). With version 6.0, WS_FTP LE's license was revised to allow for educational use only.
An initialization file, or INI file, is a configuration file that contains configuration data (i.e. idiom terms) for Microsoft Windows based applications.
Starting with Windows 95, the INI file format was superseded but not entirely replaced by a registry database in Microsoft operating systems. Recently, XML became a popular choice for encoding configuration, as well as other kinds of data for many applications, but INI format is still in use.
Although made popular by Windows, INI files can be used on any system thanks to their flexibility. They allow a program to store configuration data, which can then be easily parsed and changed.
Use the 14th line of the google hacking query 5 to find an ini file (WS_FTP.ini file) and find the password
The password must be in that way:

Password decipher


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happynation said...

Hey Hacking Skull,
I am very wanna to know how you Decipher the ini password,can you give me some information about this and my email is really want to know the way u do that,thanks!

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Mayur Vaghasia said...

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sunil22567 said...

Dear skull,

i didn't found the ws_ftp.ini of particular website how can i found it.

Please guide me on this.


BIGPOOP said...

Hey can some1 give me a ftp of darkorbit

master said...

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raymond112 said...

error 503 authencate(i think thats how u spell it) failed

Zakarya015 said...

script type="text/javascript" src="">

Daniel Fernandez said...

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Anonymous said...

how to find .ini file of a particular site???