Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hack Network Camera from google

What is a network camera?

An Axis network camera can be described as a camera and computer combined in one intelligent unit. It captures and sends live video directly over an IP network such as a LAN, intranet or the Internet and enables users to view and/or manage the camera using a standard Web browser or video management software on any local or remote computer on a network. It allows authorized viewers from different locations to simultaneously access images from the same network camera.
You can view many of these network cam for free by using google by using these queries:
/view/view.shtml axis
"Live view - / - AXIS"
indexFrame.html axis
"Live web imaging unleashed"
(for a better view download and install: AXIS Camera Control (ActiveX component) makes it possible to view Motion JPEG video streams from an Axis Network Video product directly in Microsoft Development Tools and Microsoft Internet Explorer. And download and install also: AXIS Media Control is the recommended method for viewing video images in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Installs automatically on first use, after which it can be configured by opening the AMC Control Panel applet from the Windows Control Panel.)
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